Thursday, May 24, 2018

Time flies when you are learning

Have you ever noticed that when you are learning a new skill or task, you lose focus on other things?  Some people call it "senior moments" while others refer to it as losing track of time, or being absent minded.  In my head, I have composed many posts for this blog but as you  know, none of them have appeared.  This past month, I am learning a new skill which really is changing my life called I'D or Intergroup Dialogue.  It is a skill I think anyone involved with engagement and government information should check out.  It requires deep thinking, deep listening, and trust in ways I have not experienced before.  Fortunately for me, I was able to work with the best, Dr. Biren (Ratnesh) A. Nagda who literally co-wrote the book on facilitating intergroup dialogues. If you are looking for a new skill, try this one.  Next, I want to learn classical guitar.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Happy New Year!  I apologize for taking so long to post.  Like many of you, I have been a bit obsessed with binge watching all my favorite shows over the holidays to catch up on what I missed.  Did you know Dynasty is back?  I love both the old and the new version.  It is just what is needed to clear my head after many days of reading the proposed Title 44 language.  If you have not taken some time to read it, please do.  GPO and ALA would like to hear about it.  Bernadine, Jim and James Jacobs, Barbie Selby, and Peggy Jarrett have each expressed their thoughts on GOVDOC-L and FGI, as will I.

In the meantime, it is a new year and time to start up with some new thoughts.  It is cold most places around the country so a good time to snuggle up with either a good book (shameless plug for our good friend Rob Lopresti's book When Women Didn't Count: The Chronic Mismeasure and Marginalization of American Women in Federal Statistics which really is a page turner) or watch a good movie (did anyone else catch the marathon of Thin Man films on New Year's Eve) or binge watch a favorite show or game (another shameless plug for my alma mater, geaux Tigers!)